With a diverse workforce dedicated to the education of leaders of tomorrow, UF offers wonderful benefits and state-of-the-art work environments. Whether you are a new or a returning applicant, we thank you for your interest in UF employment.

How to Apply Job Types Veteran's Preference FAQs


The University of Florida offers a variety of exciting job opportunities for staff and faculty positions. All applications must be submitted online via the Careers at UF website and goes directly to the department who makes the ultimate hiring decision.

Whether you are a new or returning applicant, you may find this applicant tutorial on UF's application system helpful. The applicant tutorial provides information on how to:

  • Search for positions
  • Sign up to receive positions via emails
  • Applying for a position
  • Managing your profile
  • Contact information


The recruitment process can take several weeks, the time frame varies greatly based on factors such as the volume of applicants, the department's schedule, and the need for the job. Take a look at the steps below on what to expect once you've submitted your application.

  1. Application Submitted
    Submit an online application to the position of interest. If the position is eligible for veteran's preference, attach the DD214 to the application.
  2. Automatic Confirmation Email
    UF will send a confirmation email once the online application is received. The recruitment process timeframe varies based on the volume of applicants and the department's needs.
  3. Contact for Interview
    If a department is interested in moving forward with your application, you till be contacted to set up an interview.
  4. Outcome Notification
    The department will notify all applicants the outcome of the recruitment process once a candidate has been selected for the position.


Staff Full-Time or Part-Time (TEAMS)
Technical, Executive, Administrative and Managerial Support. The University of Florida offers Full-Time or Part-Time Staff positions classified as TEAMS. The TEAMS classification can be permanent or time-limited for hourly or salary positions. Staff positions range from Mechanics, HR Assistant, Custodial Workers, Finance Analyst, and Research Coordinators to Director and Assistant Vice Presidents. Additional information about Staff-Full Time / Part-Time (TEAMS) employment can be found in our Employee Handbook.
Temporary Full-Time or Part-Time (OPS)
OPS, or “Other Personnel Services” temporary employment comprises the University of Florida's at-will, temporary jobs. OPS temporary appointments can be terminated at any time without cause. Please note that OPS temporary appointments are distinct from time-limited Staff Full-Time positions. It is at the hiring department's discretion to prolong an OPS temporary appointment. In fact, in some cases an OPS appointment can last several years depending on the funding.
Faculty Full-Time and Part-Time
The University of Florida offers full time and part time faculty appointments with responsibilities in teaching, research, extension, and/or providing administrative functions directly related to the academic mission and accomplishment of the University goals.
Post-Doc Associate
An individual who has completed a degree program at an institution and is being employed in a department performing research work. They are typically employed for up to four years, with any additional years being approved by HR and the Provost Office.
Student Assistants
Student Assistants include undergraduate and graduate students. A Student Assistant is a person enrolled at the University of Florida in a degree program and is being employed in a department performing non-academic work, which differentiates their classification from that of a graduate assistant.
Time Limited Positions
Time limited positions are based on circumstances, such as funding sources, which control the length of time for which the position is available. A time-limited position shall have the same rights as a position with a regular appointment modifier, except such position does not have rights provided for layoff, recall, and notice of non-reappointment.


Veteran's Preference means granting the applicant further consideration than what they would have attained through their own merit. At the University of Florida we do not utilize a scoring system when reviewing applicants during the recruitment process. UF grants veteran's preference on qualified positions with a minimum of an initial interview for all veterans who claim and are eligible for preference.


View the positions eligible for veteran's preference at the University of Florida.


  • A DD214 Form or equivalent certification from the DVA, with the veteran's military status, dates of service and discharge type must be included in the application packet. An example of an acceptable DD214 form.
  • The Character of Service field must list HONORABLE for the most recent separation from the military.
  • Current reserve members and National Guard members must provide a letter from their Commanding Officer stating the dates of their military service to establish that they are currently active. Additional information concerning veteran's preference is available at the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs webpage.


The following information is per the Department of Veteran Affairs' Veteran's Preference page. The Additional Documentation column reflects documents in addition to the DD214 form.

Category Additional Documentation
Veteran Only DD214
Veteran with a service-connected disability
  • Must provide a document from the Department of Defense or the DVA certifying that the Veteran has a service-connected disability.
Wartime veteran Not applicable
Spouse of a disabled veteran
  • Must provide a certification from the Department of Defense or the DVA that the veteran is totally and permanently disabled or an identification card issued by the Department of Defense.
  • Spouses must provide evidence of marriage to the veteran and a statement that the spouse is still married to the veteran at the time of the application for employment.
  • Spouses must submit proof that the disabled veteran cannot qualify for employment because of the service-connected disability.
Spouses of persons on active duty
  • Must provide a document from the Department of Defense or the DVA certifying that the person on active duty is listed as missing in action, captured in line of duty, or forcibly detained or interned in line of duty by a foreign government or power.
  • Spouses must provide evidence of marriage and a statement that the spouse is married to the person on active duty at the time of that application for employment.
Unmarried widow or widower of a veteran
  • Must provide a document from the Department of Defense showing the death of service member while on duty status under combat-related conditions or the DVA certifying the service-connected death of the veteran, and evidence of marriage.
Mother, father, legal guardian, or un-remarried widow or widower of a member of the United States Armed Forces
  • Must provide a document from the Department of Defense showing the death of service member while on duty status under combat-related conditions or the DVA certifying the service-connected death of the veteran, and evidence of marriage.
  • The legal guardian must provide the proper court documents establishing the legal authority for the Guardian.
  • Must provide a letter from their Commanding Officer stating the dates of their military service to establish that they are currently active.


Below is a list of available resources we recommend to military veterans when seeking employment. The links below provide tools that can assist during a job search and career transition to the civilian workplace.

  • O*Net Online: A website designed to assist you translate your military skills to their equivalent in the civilian workforce. This is helpful when writing a resume.
  • CareerSource Northeast Florida: Provides resources on interview preparedness, tips on building a network, preparing for Skype interviews, etc.
  • North Central Florida CareerSource Veteran Services: Assist veterans with employment and training needs. Services include: assistance with creating resumes, conducting job searches, applying for jobs, and information about veteran's benefits.
  • My Next Move: Is a portal that can help you learn more about different job industries and find jobs related to your military experience. Additionally, it provides insight on the outlook and education/experience needed for specific job industries.
  • Hire Heroes USA: Hire Heroes USA offers Free Resume Services for transitioning military members and their spouses. It also offers job search assistance, transition assistance, and a variety of templates.
  • Learn How to Become: Provides useful resources for resume writing, interviewing readiness, and overcoming challenges and opportunities in the job search.
  • Military.com: Provides a variety of services for veterans when seeking employment. Services include: career advice, job hunting, interviewing tips, military transition and more!


We are excited to share how UF employees with military experience have succeed at the University of Florida. We thank you for your service and we are glad you are here!


"As a member of the University of Florida Human Resource Team since 1999 and a former veteran of the United States Air Force, my training and experience from my service was an important reason why I was hired into my current position at UF. During my service, I learned skills that allowed me to multi-task, organize and prioritize my workday. My success as a leader and manager can be directly tied to my years in the United States Air Force.



How do I set up an account in the Careers at UF system?

To create an account, click “Apply Now” button on the position you are interested in. You will be prompted to enter a valid email address to create an account. On the “Personal Details” section of the application, you will create a password that you will continue to use each time you log in to your account. Please use the same email address each time you apply for a position. This will assist UF in processing your application as quickly as possible.

Can I update my name, email, or my address on my account?

Yes, when you are login into the applicant site, you can update your profile information by clicking on the Update profile tab on the top right-hand side of the home screen.

I can't remember my password. How do I reset it?

Locate the Login button at jobs.ufl.edu and click the “Forgotten your password?” link. Enter the email address associated with your account and click “OK”. An email will be sent with instructions on how to reset your password.


What is the time frame of a Time Limited position?

Time limited positions are based on circumstances, such as funding sources, which control the length of time for which the position is available. A time-limited position has the same rights as a position with a regular appointment modifier, except such position does not have rights provided for layoff and/or recall. If funding ends, the employee is given a 45-day notice period.

Does UF sponsor employment visas for staff positions?

Yes, the University as an institution does offer visa sponsorship; however, that is done at the discretion of each hiring department. In the event that the hiring department offers an applicant visa sponsorship additional information will be required. Most visa processes usually last 4-6 months, in some cases longer.

What is the cutoff time to submit an application?

Applications must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (EST) of the date listed in the Applications Close field.


What are the acceptable file formats for attached documents?

The supported file extensions for document uploads in the Careers at UF system are: .doc, .docx, .docm, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .htm, .html, .msg, .dat, .csv, and .pgp. Your documents will have to be saved in one of these formats in order to upload them to your application.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

You do not need to address your cover letter to a particular individual unless indicated in the instructions to applicants found on the job posting.

Can I upload my files, such as resume, from my Dropbox or Google Drive account?


How do I upload documents to my application with Dropbox or Google Drive?

Simply click the button for either option to sign into your account and select the file you wish to use. You may be prompted with a dialog to allow the system to access the documents in your account. Click the "Accept" button to ensure that you can upload documents into your application.

What kind of documents can I upload from Dropbox or Google Drive?

The supported file extensions for document uploads are: .doc, .docx, .docm, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .htm, .html, .msg, .dat, .csv, and .pgp. Any document that has been uploaded to Google Drive and converted to a Google Doc format will be treated as a PDF.

Why can't I see the Dropbox or Google Drive buttons?

Please note that Dropbox and Google Drive are not supported in a number of older browsers, specifically Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Google Drive is also not available in Internet Explorer 8.

Can I upload from my mobile device?

From a mobile perspective, the Dropbox option is available on iOS and Android devices, but is only available on Windows Mobile devices if Internet Explorer website preferences are set to display as "desktop version". The Google Drive option is available on iOS and Android devices, but is not available on Windows Mobile devices.


How does the hiring process work?

If you possess the basic qualifications for the position, as indicated by your application, your information will be reviewed by the hiring authority or search committee, as applicable. Upon the hiring authority or committee's review of your qualifications, you may be contacted for an interview. If you successfully complete the interview process, the hiring department will check references, conduct a background check, and perform post-offer testing as required.

How will I know my status on my application?

The recruitment process can take several weeks. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted directly by the hiring department. If the position is filled or cancelled, you will receive an email notification. You will also receive a notification if you were not selected for an interview. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging in to your account and viewing your submitted application.

What is the average timeframe between when a position closes and when interviews begin?

The time frame varies greatly and is based on numerous factors such as the volume of applicants, the department's schedule, the need for the job etc. Unfortunately, because of the numerous variables it is impossible to gauge how long the hiring process will take. We recommend checking the status periodically for any updates to the requisition.

What does my application status mean?
  • Under Review: the recruitment process is still underway, and your application is still being reviewed
  • Incomplete: your application has not been completed or submitted for the position
  • Posting Canceled: the position you applied for is no longer being recruited
  • Withdrawn: you have removed your application for consideration
  • Not Hired: your application is no longer under consideration for the position
How can I add documents to my application, or make changes to a document that I have already uploaded to my application?

Applicants should ensure all requested materials have been uploaded and attached successfully before submitting the application.

Prior to the deadline of the job posting, you can choose to withdraw your application by clicking the red Withdraw button and resubmitting an application for that particular job posting. This will allow you to add or edit documents attached to your application. You will need to ensure that you resubmit your application before the application deadline, once you have edited your documents.

Can I withdraw my application once I have submitted it for a specific job posting?

Yes, you may withdraw your application at any time. Log in to your account and click the red button labeled Withdraw. If you would like to resubmit your application, you must do so prior to the deadline of the job posting.

I made a mistake in my application. How do I correct it?

Prior to the deadline of the job posting, you can choose to withdraw your application by clicking the red Withdraw button and resubmitting an application for that particular job posting. This will allow you to edit your application. You will need to ensure that you resubmit your application before the application deadline, once you have edited your application.


I'm interested in positions at UF Health. How do I apply and/or check the status of my application?

UF Health is composed of four different institutions, each with their own Human resources department and job application process. To apply or check your application status, or to find more information, please visit http://jobs.ufhealth.org/careers/, select the appropriate institution, and follow application instructions.

I'd like to apply for a food service position. How can I do this?

All food service positions at UF are hired through Aramark, and they can be reached by visiting: https://www.gatordining.com/employment.

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